About Me

Foundress: Jan has been a registered nurse for  over 30 years. She has worked in a variety of settings:  medical-surgical, detox, methadone clinics, psychiatry, case management,  home care, pediatrics, community health, and now as a nurse educator.  Jan teaches Mental Health, Population Health, & Mindfulness at a  local college.  Jan became a holistic nurse in 2005 and this  ignited a passion and expansion of her nursing practice. Jan truly found  her calling in the holistic nursing family. Jan is also a Certified  Clinical Aromatherapy Practitioner (CCAP) , graduate of Health Rhythms  therapeutic drumming programs, graduate of the Capacitar program, Reiki  & Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Mindfulness Meditation Instructor,  Cherokee Bodywork Practitioner, & Integrative Medicine guest speaker  and educator. Jan teaches a graduate nursing course in Holistic Nursing  Practice. She is dedicated to bringing the message of healing through  holistic modalities to healthcare professionals and other interested  individuals. Jan has been a registered nurse for over 30 years. 

In  2016, Jan completed a 2 year Shamanic Teacher Training with Sandra  Ingerman in Scotland. She is trained to teach classes and perform  individual healing sessions in Death & Dying, Core  Shamanism/Journeying, Medicine for the Earth, Extraction, Soul Retrieval, & Power Animal Retrieval. Jan also performs transformative alchemical Cowry Shell readings.

In April 2019,  Jan went to Salt Lake City Utah and trained with Teal Swan to be one of her Completion Process Certified Practitioners. This powerful process goes  to the root of trauma and helps remove the stuck energy/memories and allows the client to move on from  psychic wounds. Parts work is also a modality which Jan uses to help clients understand and heal from trauma.   





Windhorse is a health and wellness educational and healing business. The  target audience includes healthcare providers, individuals with trauma, people looking to connect with their tribe and community. I am dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by  rendering excellent service, quality programming, in an enjoyable  atmosphere, at an acceptable price. I will maintain a friendly creative  work environment that respects diversity, professionalism, and  hard-work. The timing is ripe for this new business venture. Consumers of  health and wellness services are demanding a more holistic value driven approach that honors the client as co-designer of their care and  treatment. Nurses and other health care professionals are eager to learn  more about integrative practices; but lack the time to learn about the  field of holistic health and wellness. Windhorse will meet this need and  put the participants at ease due to the staff of Windhorse being  healthcare professionals as well. The founder and owner of Windhorse has  been a nurse for over 30 years. Jan brings experience, passion, and  leadership to the consumer oriented programming at Windhorse. Jan has  been a board certified holistic nurse for 20 years and has cultivated a  network of colleagues and fellow nurse entrepreneurs. Nurses represent  the most respected profession in the US. The mere fact that Jan is an  expert nurse brings respect and integrity to the educational programing which will be provided. 


Jan is focusing on integrating shamanic healing practices with mental health conditions, facilitating day long grief rituals, women's groups, drum circles, ceremonies, rituals, 1:1 healing session, and training shamanic apprentices at this time.