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Welcome to Windhorse Holistic StrategiesWelcome to Windhorse Holistic StrategiesWelcome to Windhorse Holistic Strategies

A health & wellness company to enhance your body, mind, emotions and spirit


Check out this great video from an  Holistic Happenings, a local Amherst TV station. I was featured talking about Holistic nursing.



Shamanic Classes & Healing Sessions

Shamanic Classes & Healing Sessions

Shamanic Classes & Healing Sessions

Divination journeys will be done prior to the session to receive  information and instruction for the session. The spirits do the work; I am but a healing  channel. In addition, shamanic coaching, counseling, and apprenticeships available. 

Shamanic Classes: Basic Journeying, Healing with Spiritual Light, Medicine for the Earth, Death & Dying, Soul Retrieval, Extraction & Compassionate  Depossession. 


Community Drum Circles

Shamanic Classes & Healing Sessions

Shamanic Classes & Healing Sessions

Recreational  music making is an evidence based program developed by HealthRhythms, a  division of REMO drums. The positive effects of group drumming as  documented unpublished research include: mood improvement, boost to the  immune system, pain reduction, sense of personal accomplishment,  increased sense of control over one's life, anger reduction, stress  reduction, and restoration of inner harmony and balance.


Cowry Shell Divination

Shamanic Classes & Healing Sessions

Cowry Shell Divination

COWRY SHELL DIVINATION is an effective tool for tackling the crisis of the human psyche in modern time. Divination clarifies the meaning of the soul’s quest and shed light to the obstacles to overcome on the way to successful living.   Divination provide a positive spin on human challenges by emphasizing gifts and purpose. 


You will be asked to spread a pile of  shells, bones, stones, and other implements on a special "divination  cloth".  This spread is what Jan will read and interpret to bring a  message about your life and purpose for being on the  planet at this time.  The message will also be about finding balance with the Elemental Spirits of Earth, Water, Fire, Nature and Mineral.


The Completion Process: Emotional Integration

The Completion Process: Emotional Integration

The Completion Process: Emotional Integration

This is a photo of Tea Swan and I in Utah April 2019. There were Practitioners in the training from all over the globe! I am excited to share this process with anyone who has experienced trauma. Teal's process get to the root of the problem. 


Ritual and Sacred Ceremony Practitioner

The Completion Process: Emotional Integration

The Completion Process: Emotional Integration

Jan has traveled all the world studying with indigenous shamans. She walks her talk and personally lives these sacred ways. In addition, she is a gifted teacher and facilitator of ritual and ceremony. Jan offers 1:1 healing sessions and facilitates group gatherings.

Don't miss her newest healing modality: Peruvian Whistling Vessels! 

Community Grief Ritual

Community Grief Ritual

The Completion Process: Emotional Integration

Community Grief Ritual

Jan has studied Malidoma Some's Grief Ritual process. Malidoma bring this ancient ritual from the Dagara Tribe  who live in Burkina Faso. The west has much to learn from ancient cultures about how to healthfully honor grief and loss. 

Shamanic Healing

Description Shamanic Services


With journeying, the shamanic practitioner enters a trance like  state, with the assistance of a drum or rattle, and meets with a power  animal or compassionate helping spirit to discuss an issue for the  client. The practitioner will return with a message or advice. Some  healing or distant work is done in journey space.


In divination, the shamanic practitioner does a journey to a  compassionate helping spirit, asking them to show the potential outcomes  for a set of choices that the client needs or wants to make. We would  discuss any potential choices, and what questions we would want answered  before the journey. 

Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is a technique to return a piece of us that may have  left during a traumatic event in our past. While that may have been  great at that time, we need them to be present now to be healthy and  happy. A practitioner will journey to find a soul piece that is ready  and willing to return and blow it into the heart and crown chakras to  return it to the client.

Power Animal Retrieval

Power animals are a helping spirit that offers assistance, guidance,  and support.  They are available to everyone on their life journey, and  bring a medicine and power that can help us on our life journeys.  In  ceremonial space, the practitioner journeys to find a power animal  willing to come and partner with you.

Ancestral Guides and Spirits

We all have four main ancestral lines; our mother's mothers, mother's  fathers, father's mothers, and father's fathers lines. It is possible  to inherit both gifts and helping spirits from each line along with old  curses and spirit attachments. Journeying to clear the lines of issues  and meet our ancestral helping spirits and gifts can help with current  day issues.


In an Inkan Illumination, we are clearing the emotional/energetic  imprint of a past event from the energy field. In ceremonial space the  shamanic practitioner will have you blow the incompatible energy into a  stone and replace it with light. This allows a permanent shift and the  beginning of true healing.


A psychopomp is a conductor of souls. The shamanic practitioner works  with helping spirits to assist the soul of a deceased being to  move on  to whatever comes next. The vast majority of beings move on naturally  when they pass, but a psychopomp service can assist when a spirit gets  stuck for any reason. A message from spirit can also be given to the  client during the session.


Compassionate Depossession

In a compassionate depossession, the shamanic practitioner is  assisting the client in removing an attached spirit that did not move on  when it passed or was bound to remain by a curse or spell.  Attached  beings pull energy from their "host," and may cause health or other  problems for the person to whom  they are attached.

Curse Unraveling

Curses, spells, and other forms of projected ill intent have been  part of human culture in some form since the very beginning. They do not  have to be intentional and can be continued from past lives and/or  ancestral lines.  A shamanic practitioner will work with helping spirits  to diagnose and unravel the thought form.

Past Life Karma

Past Life souls tend to accumulate karma and lessons from past lives that can  be brought forward into this one. Sometimes it is a gift or skill that  adds depth and joy to this life, but it could also be an old debt or an  action that needs to be addressed like an old curse to free us from a  negative pattern. Untangling an old lifetime can free us from old  patterns that no longer.

Space Clearing

In space clearing the shamanic practitioner will clear away negative  energy or non-native spirits. Connecting with the spirits that belong in  a space can also create peace. This is good when reclaiming a space  after a breakup, when moving into a new space, or if the energy feels  heavy or different in a space. A clearing can also be recommended as  part of a different healing.