My first Reiki experience  with Jan was amazing. My intention was set to heal from a traumatic past event. Jan had no idea what my intention was. What seemed like a minute proved to be an hour. During that Reiki experience I traveled   to  place of peace beyond my understanding. My experience with Jan will always be cherished and valued. I would highly encourage anyone to receive Reiki or healing from Jan. She is  definitely  the "real deal". 

~Carol Jasinski RN BFRP~ 

I first met Jan at a community Shamanic event. I had been yearning for a teacher to land in my neighborhood and just a few weeks later, Jan arrived. I attended the event and instantly resonated with her unique way of delivering ancient wisdom to my soul. I booked a private session with her to work through some very tender issues I was grappling with and I knew I could trust her with my heart. All I can say is, that session was life altering. I walked in one way and walked out changed. Since then my inner landscape has grown, morphed and reunited with pieces lost for a very long time. Jan is the most caring, humble and extraordinarily powerful healer. If you are wanting to feel whole again, are in search of a wise woman who will be tender with your broken pieces, are wanting to connect with a woman who can see the inner worlds with laser clarity and deliver it to you with deep compassion, I encourage you to book a private session with her straight away. It will change your life and your trajectory in the ways you are deeply yearning for.

- Meg Adamson-Gour